Key Service Provider Trends 2012

With the launch of Cavell’s new Blog and website we thought we would share some of the key trends we are seeing amongst the Service providers we have worked with around the globe. In the coming week we will explore some of these issues in more depth so be sure to subscribe:

Trend 1: Hyper growth of Mobile Data

In the last year we have worked with Global Mobile operators, who have seen mobile data growth rates exceeding 800% within the last 12 months. In particular we undertook projects in Asia that showed jaw dropping growth in very developed markets.  This trend is not likely to change as we see the proliferation of devices, content and applications in the coming 12 months.

Trend 2: Consumer Intelligence Strategic priority for Monetising Hyper Growth

Service providers are looking to invest in intelligence and reporting tools in their networks to ensure they can understand in detail their user’s behaviour.  This understanding is crucial in both forecasting monetising, and building more effective content distribution strategies.

Trend 3: Increasing Mortality rate for Pure Play Fixed/Mobile Voice or Data business

We think it will be ever harder to find pure mobile or fixed players, as the standalone business case and stove piped service offering seems harder to sustain. Also we will see continued consolidation amongst providers.

Trend 4: Strategic focus on Content Distribution drives strategic relationship with Mega Content Companies & Content to the Edge

In the work we have done in nearly 30 countries, we see the same Global mega content companies generally drive the majority of network traffic, we see Service Providers building relationships with these players as well as reviewing their relationships with CDNS. Also we are seeing both mobile & fixed data providers looking at the most economic place to ingest content; this will lead to growth in Service Provider CDN & IP DSLAM type technologies.

Trend 5: Continued growth in Cloud/Hosted Applications

As service providers change their business model, they are seeing the ability to offer a Hosted/Cloud platform and associated application & services as a strategic imperative.  This is leading service providers to build more advanced Data centre platforms to host these capabilities.

Trend 6: SIP Trunking aggressively replaces ISDN  

In nearly all major markets we are seeing the aggressive replacement of ISDN with SIP trunking services. For example in the UK the ISDN 30 market had reduced by over 10% in each of the last 2 years and we only see this as a growing trend. SIP trunking also becomes a key plank in the delivery of a Unified Comms strategy.

Trend 7: Speed to market key capability and focus

Service Providers are realising that the ability to innovate and offer new applications and service will become a key strategic issue moving forward.

Trend 8: Service Providers acquire more Integration skills

As enterprises look to deliver unified communications solutions, the service provider must have integration capabilities to really address this solution, offering individual stove pipes of services will not address customer requirements.  In the last 6 months we have seen a number of enterprise RFPS that address the requirement to offer these services

Trend 9: Fixed Mobile Integration

We have seen a new refocus on Fixed Mobile integration strategies in the last 12 months, this has been a result of both customer demand and resulting strategy changes from key suppliers. Whichever research you read it is clear that Business Users are looking to work in a more flexible manner and also looking to have unified comms solutions integrating their mobile and fixed office environments. The growth of hosted solutions has also driven this trend as the call intelligence is not localised to a PBX. Vodafone one net strategy is one of many that clearly demonstrate these trends.

If these trends have inspired you, we reccomend you take a look at our case studies, which provide a background on why we are spotting these new directions in Service Providers.


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