It takes time for new technology to be recognised

This is the second in a series of Blog posts by Allan Poot, Energy Management Consultant at the Cavell Group

You Wouldn't leave a tap running, but how about your printer?

When it comes to energy and how we abuse it, there seems to be a mental block in people’s minds.  We don’t leave the tap running, and we generally close the fridge door, because we recognise the waste.  But we leave the lights on all the time, and the coffee machine and printer don’t even seem to have an off-switch!  So it is not surprising that this is even worse as things get more complex.  Such as the company network infrastructure, the workstations and VoIP telephones. And especially in the data center where the servers and virtual machines are happily heating up the planet!

Power management and energy saving are ideas that are hyped up but not practiced much.  All CSR and sustainability officers talk about energy and related CO2 in their reports, but when you look between the lines they generally practice historical audits. That’s interesting, because today’s general management (I’m thinking financial, sales, production, etc) would not dream of operating without current, if not instant, reporting tools.  Likewise with energy – the only real way to get to grips with what a company is doing with the energy it purchases (which is costly and getting more so) is to measure it, analyse it, and then manage it.  Yet we don’t do this. Why?

You can read my previous observation regarding decision making, but another reason is that people just don’t realise that it is possible.  New technology allows for fast and relatively inexpensive solutions to be implemented, but it takes time for this to become known and accepted.  In a fast moving world, resistance to change still takes a front row seat.


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