Cavell Speaks at Mobile Video Opimisation 2012

Cavell was pleased to participate at the recent Mobile Video Optimisation conference, Brussels. Hosted over two days, from the 12th to the 13th of June, Cavell experts took to the stage to discuss the future of Mobile Data and CDN.

Matthew Townend, Partner at Cavell Group, was joined by Dimitris Mavrakis, Senior Analyst at Informa, Martin Conan, Head of Display Delivery Devices, Orange France and Vincent Bonneau, Head of Internet Business Unit, Idate, to discuss managing growth and optimising outside the Network.

Areas covered included defining the benefits for MNOs for using ABR, pinpointing where content optimisation fails, analysing whether CDNs are the solution for data traffic and how content providers and mobile devices be optimised.

Mathew Townend was joined by fellow industry thought leaders to discuss managing growth and optimising outside the Network.

Day two saw Gail Smith take to the stage, accompanied by Stephen Bye, CTO of Sprint. The hour long session analysed how to develop a United and Transparent Ecosystem. In particular, the discussion took place around 3 key areas:

  • Players offering a united and transparent ecosystem
  • Where the content and value in the ecosystem lies
  • Learning from fixed line operators: Integrating fixed and mobile elements

In addition to the panel discussion, Cavell also hosted a workshop on forecasting, delivering & managing the inevitable growth from mobile video. Matthew and Gail were joined by Cavell associate, Tony Razzel, to explore how to use strategy, market knowledge and alignment between commercial and technical functions to bolster network optimisation.  Using experience gained during the hyper growth of the early internet, the early roll out of CDNs and recent projects around the world in mobile data the workshop explored techniques to best optimize the mobile operator’s response to the onslaught of video and other ‘killer’ applications.

Should you wish to find out more about any of the topics discussed at the Mobile Video Optimisation conference, or be interested in having Cavell participate at an upcoming event, please contact us.


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