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You Wouldn't leave a tap running, but how about your printer?

It takes time for new technology to be recognised

This is the second in a series of Blog posts by Allan Poot, Energy Management Consultant at the Cavell Group When it comes to energy and how we abuse it, there seems to be a mental block in people’s minds.  We don’t leave the tap running, and we generally close the fridge door, because we recognise the […]

Will the Chief Sustainability Officer please stand up?

This week’s commentry comes from Allan Poot , Energy Management Consultant at the Cavell Group.  The Economist carries a story this week (May 19th 2012) about CSR having a “hard-earned reputation for flakiness” which is a pity, but perhaps not untrue. The Economist then goes on to conclude that perhaps its time has come, and to […]