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Increasing network energy efficiency by a factor of 1000…

From Gail Smith, Partner, Cavell Group I attended Green Touch event yesterday in Brussels.  Spent an enjoyable afternoon stretching my mind interacting with the research community.  Green Touch is an organization formed to bring together researchers from industry and academia with the goal of increasing network energy efficiency by a factor of 1000.  They chose 1000 […]

You Wouldn't leave a tap running, but how about your printer?

It takes time for new technology to be recognised

This is the second in a series of Blog posts by Allan Poot, Energy Management Consultant at the Cavell Group When it comes to energy and how we abuse it, there seems to be a mental block in people’s minds.  We don’t leave the tap running, and we generally close the fridge door, because we recognise the […]

Will the Chief Sustainability Officer please stand up?

This week’s commentry comes from Allan Poot , Energy Management Consultant at the Cavell Group.  The Economist carries a story this week (May 19th 2012) about CSR having a “hard-earned reputation for flakiness” which is a pity, but perhaps not untrue. The Economist then goes on to conclude that perhaps its time has come, and to […]